Nasal Polyps

... A Pioneer Technique

Suitable candidates for the application of the dermoplasty are patients who have repetitively undergone surgery in the past.

During the past operations, the rules of endoscopic surgery of the nose should have been followed.

You may send your CT so that we will be able to inform you about the type of surgery that we recommend to you.

Dermoplasty follows the methodology of the conventional endoscopic surgery of the nose. Before surgery, the patient receives medication with cortisone and antibiotics against a possible inflammation of the nose.

After medication is complete, a new CT of particular specifications is required.

Although both nostrils undergo surgery, dermoplasty is applied to one nostril only each time in order to limit the duration of the operation and, thus, the dangers for the patient.

We do not tamponade the nose and the patient can be discharged the next day.