Nasal Polyps

... A Pioneer Technique

Obviously you have turned to us after you have undergone multiple surgeries in

the past and have seen the problem of nasal polyps reappear.


As you may live in the countryside or abroad, you may send us a detailed medical

history of yours and a recent CT so that we can advise you on the solution we sugest.


Your medical history should also mention any other health problem from which

you suffer for the attention of the anaesthetist. Details how to send this

information can be found in the “Contact” section.


Before the operation, a treatment with cortisone and antibiotics received orally

will be prescribed against nasal inflammation and, thus, bleeding during surgery.

Preoperative medication is very important. In the event of heavy hemorrhage due

to inflammation we may need to terminate the operation prematurely.


A sample of the preoperative treatment follows:

-Methylprednisolone 16 mg pills (Medrol 16 mg)

-One pill in the morning, afternoon and at night for 3 days.

-Then one pill morning and night for another 3 days.

-Finally, one pill every morning for the last 3 days.

-Total treatment duration of 9 days and a total number of 18 pills.


And simultaneously

-Amoxicillin/clavulanic acid 1gr (Augmentin 1gr) pills

One pill in the morning and afternoon for the same days

A total number of 18 pills also.


Finally, on the day before the surgery we will perform a new CT with special specifications.