Nasal Polyps

... A Pioneer Technique

The technique of dermoplasty for polyps is a new one. As our experience is

improving some of these instructions may change.

It is also logical that the instructions of the fellow doctor who will look after you


After the operation, the patient is discharged the next day. There is no tamponade

of the nose. Antibiotics are prescribed for a period of one week, not so much for

the nose as for the leg from which we have taken the graft.

The leg will be in bandages for 15 days. We will begin lavage of both nostrils of the

nose with saline solution several times a day. In the nostril with dermoplasty

lavage must stop after the first week.

Also, after the first month, and depending on the condition of the nose, spraying of

the nose with a cortisone- containing spray may be required. Sprayings must

continue for a month, with one month interval, depending on the patient’s


You must not blow your nose for a month after the operation, due to danger of

bleeding. For the same reason, you should avoid lifting weights and have some

cotton and hydrogen peroxide available in case of bleeding.

It goes without saying that no objects should be inserted in the nose and we

should not use any suction in the nostril with the graft for two months after the


The insertion of a skin graft inside the nose can produce in many cases a foul odor

which may last for months. The situation is treated with intranasal administration

of antiseptic, antibiotic eye drops and nasal ointment.