Nasal Polyps

... A Pioneer Technique


Dr George Anastasopoulos is an otolaryngologist, a surgeon of the head and the

neck. He graduated from the Athens Medical School in 1990 and he did his

internship in the Korgialenio-Benakio Hospital (Hellenic Red Cross) from 1995 to



In the field of his postgraduate studies are included the following:

  1. Du Nord Hospital, Marseille, France. Professor Magnan, training in cochlear implants
  2. University Clinic, Erlangen, Germany. Professor Iro, neck surgery
  3. Hospitale di Circolo, Varese, Italy. Professor Castellnuovo, training in nasal endoscopic surgery



In his scientific work are included the translations of the Merc Diagnostic Manual

for the ENT specialty and the “Head and Neck Surgery” by Stell and Maran.

In addition, he has attended the following seminars on the excavation of the

temporal bone:

1. VI Seminar on temporal bone dissection, ENT clinic of the University of

Athens, May 1998

2. Course in microsurgery in otology and otoneurology, Georges Portmann,

Bordeaux Institute, July 1998

3. Fifth Seminar of surgical anatomy of the temporal bone, ENT Clinic of

“Evangelismos Hospital”, May 1999.


Dr Anastasopoulos has also participated in various Pan-Hellenic and international